Polymer Applications

Metallic soaps and lubricants are widely used in the polymer industry. 

Metallic soaps improve the fluidity of thermoplastics, prevent adhesion during processing, improve rheological properties and surface properties, prevent color changes at high temperatures, and act as a mold release.

Product Code Chemical Name System Base Form
Aksab CA-3 Calcium Stearate Ca Powder
Aksab CA-35 Calcium Stearate (palm oil based) Ca Powder
Aksab CA-35 FD Calcium Stearate (food grade) Ca Powder
Aksab CAL Calcium Laurate Ca Powder
Aksab ZN-53 Zinc Stearate Zn Powder
Aksab ZN-53 FD Zinc Stearate (food grade) Zn Powder
Aksab ZN-535 Zinc Stearate (palm oil based) Zn Powder
Aksab ZNL Zinc Laurate Zn Powder
Aksab BA-3 Barium Stearate Ba Powder
Aksab BAL Barium Laurate Ba Powder
Aksab MG Magnesium Stearate Mg Powder
Aksab ALD Alüminium Distearate Al Powder

The above formulas are for informational purposes.

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