Ethic Management

Ethics Rules

The Akdeniz Kimya Ethics Council covers all employees of Akdeniz Kimya. Akdeniz Kimya’s fundamental values and principles guide our business ethics rules while creating our expectations, standards, and ethical practices that constitute all our business partnerships and operations.  

1.   Fairness, Accuracy, and Reliability

Accuracy, fairness, and reliability are our primary values in all our work processes and relationships we conduct with our employees and shareholders.  

2.   Equality and Justice

Equitable behavior in all our operations, transactions, and relationships is our important and essential value. We treat everybody fairly and respectfully and do not engage in any discriminatory actions based on religion, language, race, gender, or similar characteristics.

3.   Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Rules

We conduct all our domestic and international operations and transaction in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey and other relevant countries as well as international law.  

4.   Developing Responsible Behaviors and Fulfilling Responsibilities

We act as Akdeniz Kimya in the scope of the responsibilities listed below as well as our legal obligations within an awareness in all our business activities.

4.1. Our Responsibilities To Our Employees

We provide for the full and correct use of our employees’ copyrights.

We approach our employees fairly and honestly and commit to a safe, nondiscriminatory, and healthy workplace setting.

We show respect to the private and personal spaces of all our employees as long as they do not degrade the working peace.

We do not tolerate violations of impunity through physical, sexual, and/or emotional harassment towards our employees or shareholders at anywhere within the business/workplace or for any reason. We do not exhibit negative attitudes or behaviors towards persons who report on this type of violation or who help during such investigations.

We do not tolerate the systematic and planned behavior aimed to alienate a person targeted in a manner considered in the scope of psychological harassment (mobbing), decreasing their performance, or causing their resignation.

4.2. Our Responsibilities To Our Customers

At Akdeniz Kimya, we respond as quickly and in the most correct manner as possible to customer needs and requests by working with an understanding focused on customer satisfaction. We act respectfully, fairly, equitably, and politely towards all our domestic and international customers and keep confidential any and all information and documentation regarding customers.

4.3. Our Responsibilities To Our Supplies and Business Affiliates

We fulfill on time our obligations to our suppliers and business affiliates and select our suppliers in line with objective criteria. We adopt a rule of there being no relationship of interest between our suppliers and the company employees of business associates, and we carefully preserve the information of business associates with the working individual and institution.

4.4. Our Responsibilities To Our Competitors

We compete in legal and ethical areas and avoid unjust competition. As Akdeniz Kimya, we support work aimed to provide for the targeted competitive structure within society.

4.5. Our Responsibilities To the Akdeniz Kimya Name and Image

Each employee of Akdeniz Kimya carries the responsibility of “representation” and is obligated to exhibit behaviors that befit the image and name of Akdeniz Kimya.

Individuals who have been authorized on behalf of Akdeniz Kimya may declare the views of the company before the public but cannot under any circumstances announce their own thoughts and ideas upon their own initiative. In the instance of the possibility that a person be perceived as a member of Akdeniz Kimya before the public, persons shall state that their declarations are private and shall abstain from providing any kind of announcement.  

We take the views and approval by following the procession of the hierarchy when confronted with situations that may expose Akdeniz Kimya to risk.

We avoid the use of expressions that create the impression that Akdeniz Kimya is represented on posts made to social sharing sites, blogs, dictionaries, forums, email groups, and similar media.

5.   Society, Environment, Security, and Occupational Safety

We defend and implement values generally accepted in the field of societal benefit and development.

We act in accordance with occupational health and safety and take the necessary precautions at Akdeniz Kimya. We make the notifications required by law, monitor changes, and act in accordance with the principles of “preventive approach” and “constant improvement” on the topic of occupational health and safety.

We at Akdeniz Kimya aim to effectively develop and implement environmental policies and to protect the environment and natural life. 

6.   Confidentiality and Preservation of Trade Secrets

We show care to protect the confidential or private information of Akdeniz Kimya, employees, and all shareholders. We only share this information with the relevant official institutions/agencies/persons after guaranteeing the security of the information by receiving the necessary commitments from the opposite party, within only the specified authorities.

We approach topics regarding copyright laws, commercial brands, trade secrets, and patents with sensitivity within the framework of current legal regulations.

7.   Application Principles that Support Business Ethics Rules

7.1. Effective Use of Resources

We consider the interests of the Company in the use of resources made on behalf of Akdeniz Kimya.

All employees shall effectively use as much as possible company resources.  

7.2. Not Conducting Advantageous Transaction

Within Akdeniz Kimya, it is essential that the employees with familial relations from intergenerational to the third degree are not within a hierarchical chain with them and/or are together within decision-making mechanisms. Neither our employees nor their family members should have a financial interest in any company with whom Akdeniz Kimya is in any kind of relationship. Akdeniz Kimya employees cannot work in exchange for wage or any similar benefit for another person or institution during or outside of working hours without receiving approval from the official company authorities. 

7.3. Policy on Giving and Accepting Gifts

It is essential that employees not engage in the provision of gifts and interests that may affect their impartiality, decisions, and behaviors or not request gifts, gains, assistance, hospitality, special discounts, commission, or allowance or their non-acceptance of these types of proposals that do not suit the course of the work, are privileged, or provide benefits might create this type of influence over 3rd parties, institutions, or organizations.

It is prohibited for company employees to accept money unconditionally or as a loan from subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, or customers or to have travel expenses, event expenditures, or similar payments covered.

When necessary, gifts whose maximum value does not exceed the net minimum wage amount and awards, plates, etc. with symbolic value may be accepted.

Employees shall not give gifts to institutions or persons with whom the Company is in a relationship apart from gifts prepared for promotional purposes. The assets and opportunities of Akdeniz Kimya cannot be used beyond the benefit of Akdeniz Kimya.  

7.4. Bribery

It is never acceptable under any circumstances to accept, give, or propose bribers and/or commissions.

7.5. Business Morals and Behaviors

We conduct our duties equitably, transparently, accountably, and responsibly. It is essential that an understanding of mutual respect, trust, and cooperation be shown in our relationships with our colleagues and other coworkers.

7.6. Media Relations

Making statements to any media institution, conducting interviews, or speaking at events like seminars and conferences is subject to the approval of the upper management of the company. Official notifications to be made to the media shall be made by persons explicitly authorized by management.

7.7. Engaging in Political Activities

It is essential that employees distance themselves from situations that create conflicts of interest in their current duties and responsibilities because of political activities in which they individually and voluntarily participate. The company and title cannot be used in political activities conducted individually. No political propaganda can be conducted during working hours or in a workplace setting, in no manner may employees be asked to join a political party, and employees shall not be preoccupied with regard to any of these types of activities. The resources and opportunities of Akdeniz Kimya cannot be used for the purpose of supporting political activities.

7.8. Departed Workers Doing Work with Akdeniz Kimya

In order for employees leaving Akdeniz Kimya do be able to work in sales, contracting, consulting, brokering, representation, vending, or similar manners, employees must not have any disciplinary record regarding the unit in which they previously worked and must not have any other conflict of interest from the positions they have previously assumed.

8.   Ethics Council Organization

Ethical issues and disputes within Akdeniz Kimya are resolved through the Akdeniz Kimya Ethics Council. The Ethics Council comprises the Human Resources Manager, Internal Audit Director, and Legal Consultant. The Ethics Council reports directly to the Board of Directors Chairperson. The Company General Manager shall support the Ethics Council in all ethical case processes. The Ethics Council conducts its work within the framework of the principles specified below.

  • The contents of ethics violation cases and the identifying information of those within them shall be kept confidential, and the examination of cases shall be conducted within the rules of confidentiality as much as possible.
  • After notified with case details and supporting documents sent on the topic of ethics, an investigation is conducted for cases the Ethics Council deems suitable, and the principle of finding the results in the most accurate and fastest manner is taken as a principle,
  • The investigation process regarding the case shall be initiated should it be deemed necessary, the entire process is connected to a written report, and all information, evidence, and documentation is added to the report,
  • The Ethics Council, should it be considered necessary, shall have the authority to request information, documentation, and evidence regarding the case directly from the relevant departments and shall examine all information and documentation it obtains only limited to this case,
  • The Ethics Council shall act independently from the managerial hierarchy within the Company in the scope of the case investigations, no pressure or suggestions shall be made about the cases, and investigations shall be conducted with an objective approach.

Unethical instance notifications:

You may refer to the Ethics Council in writing to the email address or refer directly to it.