Environmental and OHS Policy

Our Environmental & Occupational Health and Safety Policy, which we as Akdeniz Kimya use in our operations, we maintain with the slogans “Environmentally Friendly Production” and “Our Goal is ‘0’ Accidents”;

  • To control the management of emergency situations and potential risks with applications regarding environmental dimensions and energy efficiency, and management support, and employee participation as of the design stage in all processes.
  • To provide for the increased sensitivity of all our customers and shareholders by creating an environmentally compliant, safe, and healthy workplace environment in order to develop awareness of occupational health and safety, the environment, and energy savings.
  • To specify and keep health and safety risks under control in order to prevent injuries originating in the workplace and affecting health.
  • To lawfullyreduce at the source all kinds of waste in all our processes, to increase the rate of recycling, and to eliminate unnecessary wastes.