Anti-Corrosive Pigments

Zinc Phosphate (ZNP 50) 

Zinc phosphate, which is used especially in paints applied on metals, is one of the most important anti-corrosive pigments. Zinc phosphate can be used in both solvent-based and water-based systems, with its easy dispersibility. In addition to its anticorrosive properties, it also enhances the surface adhesion ability of the paint. Apart from being a good alternative to chromium-based anticorrosive pigments, zinc phosphate is also more compatible with the environment and human health. Zinc phosphate-containing paints are used in many industrial areas that require high corrosion resistance such as the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors. Its use in the automotive sector is not just limited to paint, but is also used in the production of some parts of vehicles (zinc phosphating). 

Zinc phosphate increases the corrosion resistance of steel, when used in steel extrusion, whereas it creates a synergistic effect with flame retardants, when used in certain plastic formulations. Zinc phosphate is also used in various fields such as fertilizers, cement, ceramics, chelating agents, and chemical reactions. 

Areas of Use: Automotive, Fertilizers, Cement, Iron, Steel, Galvanization, White Appliances, Ceramics, Chelating agents, Chemical reactions  

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