Single Stabilizers

Akdeniz Kimya produces and sells many high-quality, lead-based, single stabilizers. Our customers may use them to adjust rheology, stability, and color or to create their own combinations of stabilizers. The inorganic acid’s metal salts may have hydrophobic coatings, based on the requirements of the customer. 

Except for our neutral lead stearate, these metal salts only have a powder form. Neutral lead stearate may be procured in the form of powder, flake or tablet.    

Code Chemical Name Chemical Formula System Base Form
Akstab KLSS Tribasic Lead Sulfate 3PbO.PbSO4.H2O Pb Powder
Akstab ADFC Dibasic Lead Phosphite 2PbO.PbHPO3 Pb Powder
Akstab ADT Dibasic Lead Phthalate 2PbO.Pb (C8H4O4). 0.5 H20 Pb Powder
Akstab BLS 51 Dibasic Lead Stearate  2PbO·Pb(C18H35O2)2  Pb Powder
Akstab NLS 28 Neutral Lead Stearat Pb(C18H35O2)2  Pb Powder/ Flake/ Tablet
Akstab KLFU Tetrabasic Lead Fumarate 4PbO.Pb(C4H2O4).2 H2O Pb Powder
Akstab PLFU Pentabasic Lead Fumurate 5PbO.Pb(C4H2O4).2 H2O Pb Powder
Akstab TBLM Tribasic Lead Maleate 3PbO.Pb(C4H2O4). 0.5 H2O Pb Powder

For product SDS and TDS information, you can contact Akdeniz Kimya’s Sales and Marketing Department or you can reach us through the contact page .